Dancing On A Cloud

Is this a dream or your wedding celebration?  Imagine dancing your first dance on a cloud.  This effect will fill the dance floor with a cloud of white smoke.  It will surround you during your first dance; making your pictures look like you both are dancing on a cloud.


Whether you need confetti cannons, confetti launchers, streamers, or any other confetti related machine for your party or event – we have it. 1) Handheld confetti & streamer cannons 2) Remote fired confetti & streamer systems 3) Continuous flow confetti units

Pin Spotting

Pin spotting put simply, is setting up discreet lights which specifically target visual attractions in the reception room. These may include table centerpieces, ice sculptures, artwork and don’t forget the WEDDING CAKE! To sum it up, if you are going to spend the money on great decorations for the room, why not show them off!

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