When it comes to planning your wedding, or a major event off in the future, your head can start spinning pretty quickly. After all, there are likely about 100 things that you are concentrating on when it comes to executing and perfecting the perfect event – let alone if something unforeseen comes up, or you face an unknown challenge or issue.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you use all of the vendors and contractors that are dependable and professional for your next event, giving you one, or two, or three less major things to worry about. At Standing Ovation Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being in that group – a dependable and experienced company providing you with results that you can be proud of without any worry about whether or not we can deliver.

For your wedding or event, here are just a few reasons to look at what we offer to help you light the event in a professional and effective way, highlighting our wonderful new pinspot lights that meet your event wishes and is LIGHT on your pocket:

Experienced and Tested Systems
At Standing Ovation Entertainment, we’ve worked with uplighting and event lighting for the past five years. We’ve been proud to emerge as one of the leaders when it comes to wireless lighting systems, as well as the use of LED Wireless light systems. We use all LED lights to give you the professional look that your event needs, on the budget that you can afford for any event or evening.

Great Integration to your Needs
When it comes to your event or wedding ceremony, we are proud to be able to personalize and integrate fully into the tenor and theme of the day. Our LED and uplighting systems are ideal for a memorable look, but professional and sleek enough that they surely don’t stand out.

No matter what theme or décor you are going for with your event, we are sure to fit in seamlessly and we can work top to bottom to make sure you get the most from our lighting systems in a subtle, yet professional and effective way. Additionally, we are proud to provide Full Color Gobo projections that can make any event classy, enjoyable, and memorable in a way that matters to both you and your guests.

All in all, our new pinspot lighting in which we use all LED lights is ideal for your wedding or event coming up this summer or beyond into the fall or winter – and we look forward to working with you to meet your needs and cater to your wishes on your particular day or circumstance. We have been proud and excited to be in the business for hundreds of events, and we look forward to treating yours as our top priority as we light your important day or evening in a way that most fits your personal style, event décor, and specific needs.

Written by Brian Horine

Brian Horine

Born and raised in Florida. Dj Brian B is well grounded and known for his unique style and personality. With being involved in the music industry for over 10 years his ability to adapt to different music genres is paramount.

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